Mucosa punches – circular knives

These pictured mucosa punches are appropriate for all angular pieces. 

Osteotomes and bone pushers

The pointed chisel is used for the initial widening of the alveolar ridge.




Minimal invasive needle holders with lock

These fine and lightly turnable needle holders have been developed for atraumatic and mi- nimally invasive sewing. Such suturals are used with free mucous membrane transplan- tation and apical and lateral shifting lobes. Interproximal places can be reached with the slight form of the Barraquer and Castrovie- jo needle holders. These needle holders are suited for the operation with loupe or micro- scope. 

Suture and membrane forceps

This forceps serves perfect for fixation and suturing. The shaping of the double tweezers allows a safe
reposition of the soft tissue graft. The ciruclar tips avoid tearing of the tissue. 

Suture and membrane forceps

These suture tweezers allows an optimal insertion of regeneration membrane as the gingiva can be sutured simultaneously.

While the lobe is being held, the needle can be exactly guided through the aperture. This precision work largely prevents any tearing. 

Universal fixation tweezer

Suitable for gripping any kind of round or square objects. For example, root canal instruments, crowns or rotary in- struments and for the safe removal of covers (e.g. from syringes, canulas). 

Atraumatic micro forceps

The especially curved tweezers enables optimal functio- ning in the retro-molar area. The extraordinary bending provides an unprecedented view in functioning the wor- king area. 

Micro-blade holders

The screw cap allows a simple and safe insertion and removal of the standard scalpel blade. 

Scalpel blade holders

The opening with the screw cap allows a simple and safe insertion and removal of the standard scalpel blade 

Scalpel blade holders

The 3D rotary head allows the blades to be turned in al- most any direction, enabling you to position as required by the situation. Positioning problems caused by custo- mary blade holders will be easily resolved. 


With regard to aesthetic appeal, low-risk rapid implant surgery and minimal tissue damage, the demands of patients are beco- ming more important. To satisfy these needs, a well-coordinated and high-quality range of instruments is required.

The basic surgery set provides a well thought efficient and tissue-protective choice of basic instruments. Perfect incision and suturing, as well as gentle flap preparation and pre- implant measuring can now be implemented.

We recommend this set to newcomers as well as to experienced implantologists, who would like to improve and optimize their sur- gical work. 


A new series of extracting forceps has been created with the GES LINE. Due to the spe- cial adaption of the jaws onto the tooth, only a minimal pressure must be applied during use. The jaws run parallel to the neck of tooth and enable a gentle extraction of the teeth.

The newly developed handle provides con- stant power transmission for circular moti- on as well as for push and pull motions. The new PLAIN SURFACE with its smooth handle prevents sedimentation and is there- fore easy to clean.

The sand-blasted surface minimizes annoy- ing light reflection when working. 

Root Elevator | Third Molars

For the extraction and levering of third molars.

Bein | Root elevators

Bernard | Root elevators

Bernard root elevators are particulary suita- ble for the excision of fractured roots or root fragments. They represent a combination of root tip elevators and perioluxes. The inner side is concave and the laterals edges are for cutting. This allows for rotatary movements, and when applying slight pressure, the liga- ments can be separated and the remaining root fragments can be loosened. 

Root Elevators

Dev-lux set

Universal fixation tweezer

Suitable for gripping round or square objects of any kind. For example, root canal instruments, crowns or rotary in- struments and for the safe removal of covers (e.g. from syringes, canulas, etc.). 


The „College modified“ promises with its wide and er- gonomically handle an very well comfort and ensure a lower-impact working during long use. Its special form allows a higher power transmission in contrast to usual tweezers. 

Matrix forceps with tungsten carbide inserts

For precise placement and removal of matrix bands

Pin holding and nerve-broaches pliers

The slender tips of the forceps allows a grasping of smal root/bone spinters, fractured endodontic instrumtents, etc. 

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